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Our Story

At ScanIn, we believe that every restaurant should have a mobile loyalty program to form real connections with their customers. So, we created a simple app to help owners turn meals into a gratifying experience that keeps bringing customers back.

Increase Customer Retention

Reach New Customers

Understand Your Customers

Give your customers more reasons to come back with a mobile loyalty rewards program they will enjoy. 

Join the ScanIn network of merchants and get seen by loyal customers near you.

With analytics data you can make better decisions and bring back the right customers.

Your brand is front and center

A beautifully designed, easy to use app makes a world of difference.

Each business is displayed one at a time with full size merchant cards so that customers can focus on your business. It’s like having your own app, without the cost. We also take high quality photos for you to showcase your products.

Full service means we do all the work

While you focus on your business, our team will get your program up and running.

Onsite setup and training to get your program started. Personalized marketing materials to promote your program. Ongoing support to ensure your customers can keep earning rewards.

See your performance at a glance

Analytics data at your fingertips to get insights about your customers.

Our online merchant dashboard allows you to easily view the effectiveness of your rewards program and check your customer's activities from anywhere.

How does ScanIn work?

We help you create and setup a custom rewards program

Any successful rewards program requires a reward that your customers will enjoy. We'll walk you through creating the right program for your customers that is cost effective for you.

Having the right marketing to promote your rewards program will ensure that you maximize customer membership sign-up.

Personalized marketing materials to help promote your rewards program

When the process of earning rewards is easy, more customers will join and take advantage of your rewards program. We make the process simple by having the customers scan their QR code to accumulate badges.

Customers join by downloading the ScanIn App and scan their QR code at the iPad scanner

Simply scan the reward QR code to redeem

Redeeming rewards is simple and straight forward. The customer shows their reward to the cashier and then scans the reward QR code at the iPad scanner.

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